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We get it. You are in the display and merchandising business and you want a Chinese manufacturer to do a good price for you and thus create substantial savings. You want this supplier to be long term and flexible as well, without hassles in quality,delivery time and miscommunication. You also want them to travel and see you as well to discuss your expectations. All right ....... that's what we can do.

AllPushers.com was born under the supervision of Parent Company UT Metal Co., Ltd, Who is one of the Chinese manufacturing leaders in the metal fabrication and plastic injection in the areas of display fixture and metal shelving business.

The vision behind allpushers.com was to give our customers an alternative choice to work with a group of people who are exactly from the merchandising fixture background and with in-depth manufacturing expertise. We understand your needs much better than our Chinese competitors.

May 6, 2016 Packaging Looks Really Great .....
"Good packaging is vitally important when importing cargoes from far East ..... it could be a nightmare when you open the containers only to see the crushed cartons all around. So far I would say these guys at Allpushers.com is doing good for every single shipment delivered to us ......"Learn More
February 27, 2016 Getting Busy Now ......
"2016 is the Year of Monkey in Chinese lunar year calendar. GONG XI FA CAI to you and your family and staff. May this year bring you lots of good luck, happiness and health ................ Your friends at CNS".Learn More
December 27, 2015 Life Is Not That Easy .......
Today,we are making a delivery of 3x45" container loading of Tobacco Merchandising Cabinets. For every Chinese manufacturers like us, we know clearly this is the last step of long manufacturing processes and that's the end of our homework. However, any of the quality products comes a long way from well production planning, metal fabrication, welding, polishing, powder coating and it's not a easy job anyway. In this article, you will see how we make the hard job a easier way for our customers, and for you.Learn More
September 13, 2015 Sewing Threads Merchandising Display
Here at allpushers.com, we pride ourselves on timely delivery for our high quality tobacco coiled spring pushers,cigarette shelf dividers and plastic shelf pushers. We initially design our shelf pushers for tobacco merchandising business,but still lots of other industries approach us for assistance. Last month, one Netherland based company asked us if we can provide a quality yet cheaper solution for merchandising their industrial sewing threads and embroidery threads in their international supermarket stores or not. And, this is crazy...... our product turns out to be a perfect match for displaying the sewing threads!Learn More
September 3, 2015 Just Bend It ......
On the end of August 2015, we have made a batch of 3x45"HQ containers Cigarette Cabinet to our European client. Each of these cigarette cabinets consists of a grey powder coated tobacco cabinet case and pre-assemblied cigarette coiled spring pusher dividers systems. In this article,we are going to explain why our tobacco clear shelf dividers just do not break. Particularly for tobacco shelving pusher units, the divider is one of the vital parts that really makes the quality different. If your clear tobacco shelf divider is made from lower quality plastic resins, this will only creates hassles at the field installation and you will soon receive phone calls from field asking for help. It will be broken into pieces! Learn More




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