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TODAY - Quality Products, Happy Customers

Why Us

“Keeping customer happy is critically important to the  growth of our business. We clearly understand that good delivery, good service and good quality are exactly what expected on every shipment and it’s the way to keep our customers happy ...... We are striving to satisfy our customers .... and you.”

Peter Lou

VP Operations of UT Metal  and founder of "AllPushers.com"

"My personal guarantee to you is that...

  • Never, ever take anything for granted.
  • You will receive prompt and personal service from myself or one of our experienced staff.
  • You will receive a PRODUCTION REPORT & a PEACE-OF-MIND for any of your orders placed with us,with pictures and frequent update of manufacturing,testing,packaging and delivery.
  • We will handle service or warranty issues on any items we manufacture and sell."

YESTERDAY - A Humble Beginning

We all started business from a humble beginning, though it could be storiess full of lessons and mistakes.

In 2001, I joined this company as a sales engineer. Like what you imagined, we were pretty small and as a newcomer in the China Manufacturers arena, it's understandable to feel like a ‘small fish in the big sea’, trying to swim to the top to get ourselves noticed and grab a slice of the China Export pie.

Luckily,in the following 7 years our business was getting better and better, since China was at that time reputed in the world as the only low cost manufacturing hub. We benefited a lot from this global trade and almost all customers worldwide came to China for a purchase.

At that time, there was really no concept of "customer service" at all, I would say ...... just manufacture, ship and get money back.

When we look back today, this is crazy .... isn't?

In 2008, I was promoted to be the factory manager, overseeing all aspects of factory operations.

I would say, even after almost 6 years in business practically I still had what I consider to be a more Chinese mindset about the relationship between buyer and seller; I considered that the “customer” was not always right and they shouldn't have the upper hand in relationships with suppliers. If a customer couldn’t meet our "standard", we'd just switch and turn to somebody else. In China at that time, there was a wealth of good customers who can meet our needs when it came to high volume and good prices.

This Chinese mindset was understandable. In fact, at that time we often had more business than we could handle and we didn’t NEED some business.

"In one of my first face to face customer interactions after arriving in Frankfurt, Germany in 2008,
a customer checked our delivery for a sample batch with shiny chrome finish. This sample was revised 5 times due to design changes and this customer was pretty unhappy with our late submission of the sample. I was a bit rude with them and was not helpful in trying to resolve the situation. My thinking was that if they were not up to the job, we’d simply switch and find another customer. It was only later that I realized that they were one of only three good customers in the industry at that time and I had managed to upset them."

That was a good early lesson for me.

Over the last 10 years I've learned that you have to treasure your customers. We are all at the same boat to serve the market. Being a supplier, you need to work consistently at a high level, that keep gearing up to the market trends, and help your customers keep commitments to their customers.

In manufacturing, there are always issues. Sometimes it's quality. Sometimes it’s time pressure. Sometimes it's just change and revision. The number of potential issues is infinite. If an issue arises, lead the team and work out solutions proactively and that's the only way to keep customers happy and make us survive.

Ever since then, we have been striving to satisfy our customers, with much clearer and deeper understanding.

- Quality Products, Happy Customers

Today, we are much confident with our facility operations now. We are practicing the following 3 simple but effective ways to make quality products and keep our cusotmers happy.

1. Keep our workplace clean and safe

We believe a clean and safe workplace can eliminate some hazards and help get a job done safely and properly. Unlike the rest of our Chinese competitors, we think if the sight of paper, clutter and spills is accepted as normal, then other more serious safety and product quality issues will be taken for granted as well .... for sure.

2. Make employees self-organised and happy

At our facility, we are proud that our employees are happy everyday by spending the time here with us. They are organised along profit centre lines and enjoy considerable happiness and all the resources necessary to effectively satisfy our customers' expectations.

A lot of training programs have been in place to get our employees self-organised,efficient and disciplined. They are our trustful workforce and a wealth of our success.

3.  Travel and see customers face to face

It's always good to invest time traveling around and see each other face to face. For us, it's a good opportunity to understand our cusotmers' expectation and identify areas for further improvements.

Sometimes, it's all about those little things that really make things different. During the face to face discussion most likely we can have a deep understanding of how the little things should be and then get it prepared and resolved.

Unlike the rest of our Chinese competitors, we invest on our customers and care more about your ideas, plans and ...... success.

When we look at our customers, we look at them as partners that are helping business succeed at both companies.

- Keep Going, On The Way

Honestly, we do not what Tomorrow will be and where it will take us to.

However,we will keep on going and we will ensure the following things will NEVER happen during your stay with us:

  • NEVER assume anything ........ if we have questions or concerns, we will ask.
  • NEVER be unclear .................. we will make clear statement of CAN DO and CAN'T DO.
  • NEVER break promise ............ once we promise, we will keep our commitment and will make it happen.

Tomorrow, we are on the way.

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